Lynice Pinkard 

Don't Believe Me, Just Watch

Lynice Pinkard | April 1, 2018
Easter Sunday

Scriptures for today:
Psalm 118: 1-6; 14-24 | Isaiah 25: 6-9
Romans 6:1-8 | Mark 16:1-8

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Lynice Pinkard is a veteran of many racial, economic, and LGBTQ justice struggles, the AIDS epidemic, and the struggle to address root causes of community gun violence. Lynice was also the Associate Pastor of First Congregational Church of Oakland for seven years and the Senior Pastor for one.

Today, Lynice serves as a chaplain and spends her time building intercultural community committed to healing from and resisting the interwoven systems of domination, oppression, and repression and the alienation those systems foster—a broadly shared malady she calls “empire affective disorder".