Grace Talk

LaDonna Harris -- October 15, 2017

Scriptures for today:
Psalm 124: 8, 14 |Daniel 3:13-25

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LaDonna Harris was born and raised in the Bay Area. She is part of the ministerial team at Mills Grove Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, in Oakland, where Reverend Clarence L. Johnson is the pastor. She is in her last semester at American Baptist Seminary of the West, completing her studies for a Master of Divinity.

LaDonna's lifelong service orientation is foundational to her leadership and ministry aspirations. She believes that the people of God have a responsibility to address issues of social justice, to work to achieve safe and thriving communities, and to share Jesus’ gospel of love and grace through their words and actions. She believes that people are more than their past and their potential is unlimited. Her mantra is, “you can accomplish anything you are willing to work hard to achieve.”

In her personal life, LaDonna’s personal mission statement is, “Be a blessing to someone every day.” She values God and family above all else, and loves her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren with all of her being.