Jesus' Unfinished Business

Rev. Janice Sommerville -- Januaary 15, 2017

Scriptures for today:
Psalm 72:1-7, 10-14; Isaiah 60:1-6

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Rev. Janice Sommerville serves as the Administrative Pastor for the Shepherds Table, and oversight for Member Services, the Mental Health First Aid and the Transgender Ministries.

Janice is the Program Coordinator of Community and Continuing Education for Pacific School of Religion's (PSR) Theological Education for Leadership (TEL) Program. She holds a BA in Liberal Arts, Masters Studies in Public Administration and Education with an emphasis in Special Education. Janice has a Certificate of Ministry Studies (2006) from PSR, and is certified as an instructor for Adult Mental Health First Aid.

She has been married to Minister Karen Lord-Nixon for 25 years and together they have raised their son, Kyle.

Rev. Sommerville is called to pastoral care, and finds the heart of God in ministering to the people.