Blessing for the Walking Wounded

Rev. Debra Avery -- July 27, 2016

Scriptures for today:
Psalm 49:1-12 | Genesis 32:22-32

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Rev. Debra Avery is the Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Oakland and Vice Moderator of the Presbytery of San Francisco.

Her background and life experiences have helped her engage justice work and congregational life. While her journey began in a small town in Iowa, her ministry has been profoundly influenced by her young adult life in San Francisco during the onset of the AIDS Crisis in the 1980s. Later, living in Japan on a work permit, married into a family of Peruvian immigrants and then moving to Mexico City sharpened her interest and concern not only for immigrant rights but also for those who live in terrible poverty.

In addition to her work as a Pastor of congregations that have stood with the marginalized, she has learned much as she engaged in community ministry as a guest preacher at African Methodist Episcopal revivals in Central Illinois, among Hispanic and Native American Presbyterian ministries in New York and Arizona and with the #BlackLivesMatter movement in Oakland.