Come and Be Blessed

Rev. Lee Whittaker -- October 12, 2014

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Duration: About 24 minutes | Key Scriptures: Psalm 23, Phillipians 4:1-13

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Rev. Lee Whittaker, in his own words: "I am an unapologetic, queer, progressive, ordained Christian minister, 1st degree pagan priest, Jewish, Buddhist, radical inclusionist. I am ordained as a Christian minister in the Progressive Christian Alliance. I am also seeking to affiliate with the Disciples of Christ. I have a Masters of Divinity from Starr King School for the Ministry in Berkeley, California. I also have a Certificate in Sexuality and Religion from the Pacific School of Religion also in Berkeley, California. In May, 2015 I hope to have completed my Certificate in Advanced Professional Studies also from the Pacific School of Religion. I currently serve on the pastoral team of Tapestry Ministries in Berkeley, CA.

My ministry involves helping people heal spiritually so that they may be able to make healthy and informed choices on their spiritual path and about their relation to the Divine. I see so many who are suffering needlessly in spiritual woundedness that has resulted from abusive theology and religion done badly. My ministry involves creating ways to make the Divine accessible to all. That is where my creativity comes into play by. I love to create worship and ritual that helps people find and/or reclaim something about their relationship with the Divine.

I'm a firm believer in church-outside-the-box. People are spiritually starving and many are religiously homeless. We seriously need to rethink church. That is why I am blessed to be a part of the emergent church movement which is beginning to blossom. Seeing the results of worship and ritual done in a way which creates agency to access the Divine for those who may not have had it before gives me such a sense of joy. I feel blessed that the Divine has called me to this ministry."