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Four Lessons on Prayer and Overcoming

Rev. Kamal Hassan -- January 20, 2013

Scriptures for today:
Psalm 80: 14, 8-19 | Luke 11:1-4

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The Rev. Kamal Hassan serves as Pastor/Teaching Elder of Sojourner Truth Presbyterian Church.

Rev. Hassan firmly believes that, "The church must be engaged in efforts to mend the tear in our social fabric that has caused so many of us to focus solely on our individual needs and ignore the sufferings of others. To be true to our prophetic calling the people of God must act locally for justice, peace, and freedom, while also considering the global implications of our work. We must take seriously the urgent need to participate in the building of a new heaven and a new earth, because in a faithful and relevant church there is hope for the entire world."

Although Sojourner Truth is his first call as a Presbyterian pastor, Rev. Hassan has more than 20 years of experience as a religious worker and more than 10 years as an ordained minister in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. He is a powerfully gifted preacher and Christian educator whose message is rooted in the African American prophetic tradition. He is a community organizer who has toiled for decades in low wealth communities of color for social justice. He is a sensitive and supportive counselor and visitor of those in need. He is a visionary leader who can see beyond the now to the "not yet."

Prior to coming to Sojourner Truth Presbyterian Church, Rev. Hassan spent 30 years in his first career as an educator, teaching at all levels from elementary school to university. His innovative and transformative work in the classroom was the centerpiece of an article entitled, "Raising the Critical Consciousness of African American Students...A Portrait of an Exemplary African American Male Teacher," that was published in Howard University's Journal of Negro Education.

Rev. Hassan received his AA in Radio Broadcasting from Los Angeles City College, his BA in History from California State University Los Angeles, and his Master of Divinity degree from San Francisco Theological Seminary.

He is the husband of Makini Hassan. They have three children, Jonathan Coleman, Stephanie Coleman, and Aiyisha Hassan.

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