Pastor Jeanne Loveless

Acting Like We Look

Reverend Sandhya Jha - April 15, 2012

Scriptures for today:
James 1:19-27

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Sandhya Jha serves as Director at the Oakland Peace Center, an amazing effort to utilize a physical space as an incubator of collaborative work by already existing non-profits doing GREAT work to create justice and peace in the city of Oakland and the Bay Area. In relationship with each other, we magnify our power and our work exponentially, and we can share and lighten one another’s burdens. Although Director, Sandhya is inspired by the dozens of powerful people stepping up to make the Oakland Peace Center a force for transformation in the community.

Sandhya also serves as co-pastor of First Christian Church of Oakland , a multicultural, multi-socioeconomic, GLBT-inclusive, liberationist, emergent, increasingly missional congregation that wouldn’t use any of those words to describe itself. She serves as Missional Minister of Transformation and Reconciliation for the Christian Churches of Northern CA-NV. Her passion is liberation ethics as an academic field and as a lived experience in urban communities.

She recently published "Room at the Table: The struggle for dignity and unity in Disciples history," a book about people of color in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Sandhya is an anti-racism/anti-oppression trainer with the Disciples of Christ, a regular public speaker and preacher, and an occasional consultant for Church Extension’s New Beginnings program.