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Living with Offense

Reverend Valerie Brown-Troutt -- October 25, 2009

Scriptures for today:  Luke 17: 1-4

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Pastor Val enjoys life as a mother, wife, professional and grandmother as she pursues goals experiencing God’s peace, love and grace. Valerie shares the life story of struggle of ordinary black women described by Delores Williams as “resisting and rising above forces in society…doing what they always do: holding the family and church together; working for the white folks or teaching school; enduring whatever they must so their children can reach for the stars; keeping hope alive in the family and community when money is scarce……a contribution of faith, love and hope to the black family to the church and to the black community in North America.”

A native of Oakland, CA, many of her life’s dreams have been actualized including a successful professional career as an educator, social justice activist, entrepreneur and administrator of non-profit organizations. She has extensive experience in human services and education, servicing and supporting people living with HIV/AIDS in the United States and Africa, providing housing, facilitating mental health/counseling and substance abuse interventions and support services and advocacy.

She is an ordained pastor who has served in ministry in the Bay Area for more than thirty years at beginning at Ephesians GOCIC in Berkeley, Love Center Church Ministries in Oakland and City of Refuge UCC in San Francisco. Since 2005, she is the pastor and founder of New Community Fellowship Church in Oakland, CA. She a great cook and a former restaurateur. Her hobbies include visual art –painting, fine arts appreciation and patronage. For more information please visit Pastor Val’s website at aspirebettercommunity.com.