Composting Humble Pie

Royce Tevis, Minister of Youth, Children and Families -- November 2, 2008

Scriptures for today:  Matthew 23-1-12

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Royce E. Tevis grew up in northern and central California before moving to Michigan to finish high school. His parents, Royce S. Tevis, and Susan Diane Tevis, both Music educators and professional church leaders, currently live in Chico, California, as do his brother and sister. Baptized into one of the Lutheran bodies that became the ELCA, Royce brings a love of music, worship, and God to the United Church of Christ.

After high school, Royce spent time at St. Olaf College in Minnesota as a vocal church music major before moving to Fargo, North Dakota. After gaining some experience in sales, Royce went to work for a telemarketing company and opened call centers in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Longview, Texas, and Springfield, Missouri before beginning a family and going back to school in Lake Charles, Louisiana, with the support of his parents.

After transferring back to California, the whole Tevis clan moved to Chico, and Royce finished a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education. Royce then completed his Masterís of Divinity work at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, and began work on a Masterís of Theological Studies at Pacific School of Religion while he changed denominations and began settling into the United Church of Christ.

He is currently in the process of being ordained in the UCC, looking forward to approval for ordination in the summer of 2009. It has been a long road toward ordination for him, beginning with a call experience during confirmation over 20 years ago, and he is over-joyed to be a partner in ministry with First Congo.