Marcia Lovelace

Your Faith Has Made You Whole

Reverend Shiloh McCloud -- October 7, 2007

Scriptures for today:  Mark 5:25-34

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Reverend Shiloh Sophia McCloud's ministry has been focused in the healing, visual and creative arts. She has painted her whole life and since 1996 she has been a full time artist, writer, teacher and gallery owner.

Her work is very devoted to supporting people in finding their own unique calling through discovering and forging the tools to answer that call. In addition to selling hundreds of her own paintings, she has also represented the work of dozens of artists, coaching them in both the development of their painting style and the creation of intentional content.

She has self-published five books focused in women's healing and transformation and has recently founded an international women's and girls publishing company, Cosmic Cowgirls Ink, LLC. Shiloh's gallery, Wisdom House, a shared vision with her husband Isaiah, is furthering the sacred arts movement through works of positive media that honor divine relationship in all it's forms. Shiloh was ordained over ten years ago in a mystic Christian church called Grace of Sophia. She has been teaching at New College for over five years.

She is an arts minister and works in the women's ministry movement throughout churches in California, with a focus in her home church, First Congregational Church of Oakland. To learn more about Shiloh: or phone: 1-888-385-6866 "The work of a woman Visionary is to know the past, dream the future and take powerful action in the present." - Shiloh McCloud