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Sermon Archive

Dec 31 Kwanzaa Service Vanessa Riles & Wilson Riles
Dec 23 Christmas Eve Service Rev. Lynice Pinkard
Dec 17 Naomi Washington Leapheart Believing Women
Dec 10 Carol Robison Calling from the Wilderness
Dec 3 Jean Jeffress Wake up for the Apocalypse

Nov 26 Rev. Valerie Brown-Troutt Unearthing Hope
Nov 17 Rev. Davena Jones Extravagant Opportunity
Nov 12 Nichola Torbett Hear Her Breathing
Nov 5 Rev. Dr. Liza Klein Encountering the Divine

Oct 15 LaDonna Harris Grace Talk
Oct 8 Blyth Narnow A Community of Cornerstones
Oct 1 Rev. Ben McBride Watches and Alarm Clocks

Sep 24 Jean Jeffress Complaints & Blessings
Sep 17 Rev. Jeanelle Nicolas Ablola Existence is Resistance
Sep 10 Rev. Lynice Pinkard State Your Name for the Record
Sep 3 Rev. Sonny Graves Who Has Sent You?

Aug 27 Vanessa Riles Be Not Conformed
Aug 20 Rev. Valerie Brown-Troutt Family Estranged - Make Yourself Known
Aug 13 Cherri Murphy Imaginative Justice
Aug 6 Nichola Torbett We Were Singing As We Left

Jul 30 Rev. Kamal Hassan Resisting the Mob
Jul 23 Rev. Sandhya Jha I Guess We're Stuck With Each Other
Jul 16 Nicole Deane Good Soil
Jul 9 Rev. Ben McBride Bring On the HEAT
Jul 2 Ashley Wai´olu Moore New Manna and the 4th Cup of Christ

Jun 25 Marvin K. White Are You There God? It's Me, Marvin!
Jun 18 Carol Robison There Is Another Way
Jun 11 Sarah Pritchard What's Pride Got to Do with It?
Jun 4 Rev. Lynice Pinkard Power Through the People!

May 28 Rev. Deborah Lee Heaven Help Us
May 21 Mary Lim-Lampe Holy Agitation
May 14 Marcia Lovelace A Mother's Day Story
May 7 Jean Jeffress Being Church

Apr 30 Dr. Rev. Liza Klein Faith Filled Doubts
Apr 23 Schmian Evans God's Love 101: Perfection Not Required
Apr 9 Sandhya Jha Humble Leader: Oxymoron?"
Apr 2 Rev. Tuhina Verma Rasche The Stench of Death

Mar 26 Xan West Jesus Was Hella Woke
Mar 19 Nichola Torbett Know Your Thirst
Mar 12 Rev. Boyung Lee, Ph.D Who’s in Your Party?
Mar 5 Rev. Ben McBride Be the Storm

Feb 26 Vanessa Riles Talk is Cheap, Experience is Real
Feb 19 Rev. Marvin K. White We Are Wholly Holy!!!
Feb 12 Naomi Washington Leapheart God is God and 45 Is Not
Feb 9 Rev. Dr. Donna Allen Arise!
Feb 5 Rev. Lynice Pinkard Broken Hallelujah

Jan 29 Michelle Puckett {R}evolutionary Power
Jan 22 Rev. Cherri Murphy What Is Your Inaugural Address?
Jan 15 Rev. Janice Sommerville Jesus' Unfinished Business
Jan 8 Jean Jeffress The Light Is Us
Jan 1 Rev. Sandhya Jha Jesus' Unfinished Business



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